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With this product you can change to an earlier or later flight for each route included in your ticket. You can make the change only once without paying a change fee or rate difference.

This product is not refundable, nor can it be exchanged for other products or services.

Product redemption window:

  • You must make the change through the www.vivaair.com up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure for domestic flights. Once this period has expired, you will be unable to make changes.
  • The redemption of this product does not currently apply to Call Center channels or Airports, it must be done through the website in the "My reservation" module.

Cases where you can use Flexibility:

Advance your flight (new itinerary earlier than the original one) From 48h up until 2h before the new flight itinerary


  • Original flight: 10am
  • New flight: 8am
  • Maximum redemption time: 6 am
Later flight (new itinerary after the original one) From 48h up until 2h before the new flight itinerary


  • Original flight: 10am
  • New flight: 2pm
  • Maximum redemption time: 8 am

New flight window:

  • The new flight itinerary you choose may only be from 00:00 hours to 24:00 hours of the original flight date (that is, during the same day).

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You will be able to purchase this product only during the initial process of purchasing domestic flights and at the full fare price through the website www.vivaair.com.
  2. The changes will depend on the availability of seats and dates enabled for sale that are published on the website www.vivaair.com. . for the time the change is made, with the exception of flights scheduled for specific dates.
  3. This product does not apply to international flights.
  4. If the product is not used, it will not be refunded.
  5. The refund of the product will proceed as an exception in the case of flight cancellations attributable exclusively to the airline. Such refunds will proceed according to the refund policy in force at the time of the flight cancellation.
  6. For the purposes of changes in flights with delays, the initial scheduled time of the original flight is taken as a time reference.
  7. This product does not apply to name, date or route changes.
  8. The product will not be available for blocking or for groups, that is, for reservations in which the company offers special rates based on a large number of reservations.
  9. If you make the itinerary change after checking in for the original flight, you will have to re-check in for the new flight. The conditions of the new check-in will be adjusted to the general check-in policies of the airline.
  10. This product cannot be combined with other promotions and / or discounts.
  11. The taxes applicable to the product are included in the final price.
  12. If there are differences in the additional services selected between the original flight and the new flight, you will have to pay the applicable difference.
  13. The additional services included in the original reservation will not be affected by the change. For example, if you have purchased the seat selection service, you will be able to choose it again on your new flight (depending on availability) in a seat in a similar area and condition as the initial flight.
  14. To check the fare on domestic flights that include this product, click here.

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