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Who we are?

We are Fast Colombia S.A.S. a company duly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Colombia, identified with the TIN number 900.313.349-3, which for the purposes of this privacy policy and everything related to the processing of personal data we will be identified as "Viva".

General Description

In Viva the most important matter is to be clear and transparent with our customers. We want to give you peace of mind, therefore, through our privacy policy we explain the way in which we handle your personal data and how we ensure its use is correct.

Here we tell you how we collect, use and disclose information when you use any of our services, including but not limited to the following: purchasing tickets through the website, our app, call center, points of sale, adding additional services to your ticket; use of communication channels with us such as chat, forms, call center, mail.

What personal data do we collect at Viva?

At Viva, this is the information we collect from our customers and users (Data Subjects) that will allow us in many cases to offer you experiences or promotions according to your preferences. In addition, in order to offer additional benefits to the services offered by Viva, the airline requires the processing of personal data, which may be collected directly or through third parties with whom the airline has commercial or legal relationships.

Viva may collect, among other information, the following:

  • First and last name,
  • Date of birth,
  • Age,
  • Gender,
  • Health Status,
  • Correspondence address,
  • Primary and alternate residence address,
  • E-mail address,
  • Phone number,
  • Number and type of identification document
  • Passport number,
  • Nationality,
  • Language,
  • Interests,
  • Personal preferences,
  • Geographic location,
  • Information of consumption and transactions made with any means of payment including payments with co-branded cards.
  • Information from financial databases.
  • Scheduled itineraries, route preferences, preferences for additional services, demographic data and any other information associated with the consumption of the services offered by Viva.

Under no circumstances shall Viva process sensitive personal data for commercial purposes. In the event that Viva requires any processing of sensitive data, such processing shall be carried out solely and exclusively for the required purpose, previously informed and consented to by the Holder of such data.

By accepting this policy, you, as the Data Subject, expressly agree that personal data collected by Viva may be treated and processed in whole or in part, and that such information may be compiled, exchanged, updated, supplemented, reproduced, transferred or transmitted. 

Transfers or transmissions made by Viva may be made to countries other than the place where the personal data is collected, which may have lower levels of protection than the place where the personal data is collected, situation known and expressly accepted by the Data Subject.  

We may also collect contextual or demographic data about our users from third parties in order to more effectively deliver to you the service or content in which we believe you would be interested.

In addition, we also collect information from your computer, phone, tablet or other device you use to access our services, such as your IP address, the browser you use and your language settings. We also receive information about you from others or through technologies through which we automatically collect information from you.

By accepting you agree that Viva may use, obtain, compile, exchange, update, collect, process, reproduce or dispose of your data or general information in whole or in part in accordance with the parameters of our Privacy Policy, and again, we assure you that we use it responsibly because there is nothing more important than privacy.

This data may be collected through our different points of contact such as our website, administrative offices, solution and service centers, airports and even third party commercial partners, among others.

Minors data treatment

When Viva treats personal data of minors, it will do so under the terms of Article of Decree 1074 of 2015, which establishes the special requirements for the treatment of personal data of children and adolescents. 

With respect to the treatment of personal data of minors, Viva will treat personal data necessary, solely and exclusively for the provision of the air transport service and to comply with its legal obligations, part of which may include the delivery of personal data of minors to administrative or judicial authorities in compliance with their functions.

Who collects your personal data?

Your personal data and information are collected and processed by Viva, in accordance with the applicable rules on personal data protection. 

At Viva we collect your information through the means described above, such as our website www.vivaair.com, our solutions and services centers, our mobile application in all its versions, corporate chats through any messaging tool, our social networks, purchases, consultations, contact center and through advertisers, networks and service providers and commercial allies that help us promote our services (for example, payment processors, among others) and that collect part of the information described above.

These third parties also help us understand how users interact with our content or offers.

The purpose of this Policy is to inform the Data Subjects of personal data that provide information to Viva, either directly or through third parties, which is the treatment given to the information that Viva receives from each of them. 

Therefore, as Data Subject, you expressly authorize Viva to collect the data in these terms, as well as to consult, complement and update such personal data at any time, with other databases, in order to keep your information up to date.

How is the information collected?

We use various technologies to collect and store information, when you make a purchase or subscribe to our promotional newsletters we are obtaining your personal data, including cookies, pixel tags, browser web storage, databases and server logs (IP address, browser type, browser language settings, the date and time of the request, and one or more cookies that can uniquely identify your browser).

Some of our services allow advertisers and their networks to collect and use certain anonymous information about our customers (e.g., clickstream information, browser type, time and date, subject of ads clicked or scrolled) to provide advertisements that are of interest to them. These companies generally use cookies and other technologies to collect this information.

To learn more about these data collection and behavioral advertising practices or to opt-out of receiving these types of advertisements, please visit http://www.networkadvertising.org

What is a Cookie?

Cookies or computer cookies are small files that contain information stored in the user's browser when you visit a website and in it are stored the user's settings and preferences or the status of the browsing session, for example, if you are logged in or not, or the products or services you have added to your shopping cart, also the search words, among others.

How to manage Cookies?

If you want to learn more about cookies in your browser, manage or delete them, we recommend you read this article http://www.allaboutcookies.org/es/ or check the help section of your browser. In the settings of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, you can set which cookies to accept and which to reject. Use the "Help" function of your browser to find the settings you need.

How do we share your information?

Information shared by you

Certain services offered are social by their very nature, so your participation in such service will allow others to view your name or username, profile picture, social profile and any other content you upload or disclose through that profile.

Information shared by us

We share your information with third parties as described below and as described elsewhere in this Policy:

  • Service Providers
    We employ and allow third parties to perform tasks on our behalf, such as payment processing, data management and analysis, marketing, advertising and communication, call center service providers, customer service providers, counter service, ground handling services, security providers and we have to share your information with them in order for them to provide their services to us Unless we inform you otherwise or you consent otherwise, these third parties do not have any right to use your Information beyond what is necessary to help us provide such services. Any use of your information by these third parties will be governed by their obligations under applicable law and will always be framed as described in this Policy.
  • Company affiliates
    Subject to applicable laws, we may share your Information with other companies with which the Company is affiliated or related (e.g., parent or subsidiary), and will require that such affiliated or related companies use the Information only in accordance with this Policy.
  • Commercial Allies
    Among other purposes, by accepting this policy, the Holder expressly accepts and is aware that Viva may process information for the purpose of implementing commercial alliances with third parties, including companies engaged in commercial activities other than the provision of air transportation services, among which may be financial institutions that may offer their own services to the Holder, who may at any time exercise their rights under the applicable regulations, in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.    
    Additionally, Viva, directly or through a third party, may collect information related to the consumption of goods and services acquired by the Data Subject, using co-branded cards or other means of payment, for the accumulation, crediting, cancellation, suspension and/or redemption of benefits, being able to send information through means such as contact telephone numbers, e-mail, physical or electronic mail addresses, among others. 
    Viva may also use this personal data to optimize the process of sending information segmented by products and consumer preferences, and may send information about its own products or those of third parties with which it has commercial alliances.
    For these purposes, the treatment of the personal data of the Owners will be carried out considering the provisions of section of the Colombian Aeronautical Regulations. In any case, Viva will always hold the status of Controller of the personal data and will comply with its obligations with respect to that status.
  • Trade transfers
    We may choose to buy or sell assets. In these types of transactions, Data Subject information is typically one of the business assets that would be transferred. In addition, if we (or our assets) are acquired or merged, or if we go out of business, enter bankruptcy or undergo another change of control, the information would be one of the assets transferred to or acquired by a third party.
  • Company protection and others
    We keep the right to access, read, preserve and disclose any information we deem reasonably necessary to comply with law or court orders; enforce or apply our terms of use and other agreements; or protect the rights, property, interests or safety of our Company, our employees, our users or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction. See more information in the section Disclosure for legal requirements.
  • Aggregated and anonymized information
    We may also share (within our affiliated entities or with third parties) aggregated or anonymous information that does not explicitly identify any individual user of our Services. From time to time, the Company may provide demographic and statistical information to prospective partners for the purpose of securing advertising or general promotion of the Service.

Purposes of customer data processing

The main reason we collect the information is to provide and improve our services, manage your subscription to our promotional mailings, and provide you with a more personalized experience on our services. The following is a summary of more specific ways in which we may use your personal information:

  • Identify the customer for the performance of the air transport contract.
  • Maintain physical or electronic communication with our customers, including, but not limited to, providing information related to the contract of carriage, as well as sending information about reservations, transactions, promotions or other services, products or goods purchased from Viva.
  • To enable the customer to use our services or goods purchased. For this purpose, we may subcontract third parties to process customer information for Viva.
  • Statistical and market analysis; development and improvement of services and products offered at Viva, commercial and promotional initiatives; updating data; carrying out regulatory controls and for market research purposes.
  • Among other purposes, Viva may process information for the purpose of implementing commercial alliances with third parties, including companies engaged in commercial activities other than the provision of air transport services, including financial institutions that may offer their own services to the Data Subject, who may at any time exercise their rights in accordance with the applicable regulations, in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.    
  • In addition, Viva, directly or through a third party, may collect information related to the consumption of goods and services acquired by the Data Subject, using co-branded cards or other means of payment, for the accumulation, crediting, cancellation, suspension and/or redemption of benefits, and may send information through means such as contact telephone numbers, e-mail, physical or electronic mail addresses, among others. 
  • Viva may also use this personal data to optimize the process of sending information segmented by products and consumer preferences, and may send information about its own products or those of third parties with which it has commercial alliances.

Who will your personal data be shared with?

As a Data Subject, you authorize Viva to use, obtain, compile, exchange, update, collect, process, reproduce or dispose of your personal data or information, in whole or in part, as well as to transfer such data or information, in whole or in part. Viva may contract with third parties to process customer information in connection with, but not limited to, using, obtaining, compiling, exchanging, updating, collecting, processing, reproducing or disposing of Viva customer data or information as a result of which we may transfer personal data to any country, including countries with a different level of data protection than Colombia, for which reason you expressly consent to such transfer.

To provide the service, the Information we collect may be transferred to and stored at a destination outside your country and the European Economic Area ("EEA"). It may also be processed by any service provider designated by us operating outside the EEA. By submitting your data, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing outside the EEA or your country and acknowledge that not all countries guarantee the same level of protection for your Information. The transferred data will be handled in accordance with this Policy and, where applicable, with applicable local and other regulations with which we are required to comply.

Likewise, as a customer, you authorize Viva to share your data with companies with which we have commercial agreements, such as airlines, travel agencies, among others, for the above mentioned purposes, and these third parties will be obliged to comply with all Viva's regulations and privacy policies.

Likewise, with the acceptance of this Privacy Policy, you declare that you are aware that Viva may provide this information to judicial or administrative entities and government entities that exercise control functions of its operation when legally required to do so. You also accept that it may be subject to internal or external auditing processes by companies in charge of this type of control.

Security and confidentiality

To guarantee the protection of privacy and confidentiality of the information, in Viva we have adopted all the means, good practices and technical measures within our reach to ensure the transmission of the information to the databases and to avoid the alteration, loss, misuse, unauthorized access and theft of the personal data provided by our clients for the purposes expressed above. It is important to clarify that you should be aware that Internet security measures are not infallible.

The information you enter on the Viva website (www.vivaair.com) or any of our other channels such as our mobile applications, solutions and services center, point of sales, airports, chatbots, whatsapp, among others, is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with third parties other than those indicated in this Privacy Policy. The data will be encrypted to provide the highest possible security level.

Payment transactions on the website are secured by a PCI certified platform (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), to ensure the protection, confidentiality and integrity of cardholders data. For more information about this platform go to https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org

Viva will keep, under the conditions of security and confidentiality described herein and for the purposes indicated in this document, the personal data of our clients during the entire time of performance of each transportation contract signed between Viva and our clients and for ten (10) more years.

Data of children and adolescents under 18 years of age

At Viva we will ensure the appropriate use of the personal data of children and adolescents under 18 years of age, seeking to respect their fundamental rights and, as far as possible, taking into account their opinion as owners of their personal data.

Therefore, if a customer provides data in such a way that it can be identified that this data corresponds to a minor under 18 years of age, we will act as expressed herein to treat such data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and within the parameters of the Colombian Aeronautical Regulations.

Procedure for the exercise of the rights of the Owners of the information

We offer different options so that you can decide on the collection, use and distribution of your information.

In some countries, including the European Economic Area, individuals have certain rights relating to their personal information. Subject to exceptions provided b law, you may have the right to request the following personal information that we hold about you:

  • Delete information: you can request us to delete or remove all or some of your personal information (for example, if it is no longer necessary for us to provide services to you).
  • Change or amendment of information: you may ask us to change, update or correct your information in certain cases, particularly if it is inaccurate.
  • Object, limit or restrict the use of information: you can ask us to stop using all or some of your data (for example, if we no longer have the legal right to use it) or to limit its use (for example, if your information is incorrect or illegally collected).
  • Right to access your information: you can ask us for a copy of your information and request a digital copy of the information provided in a readable form.

In Colombia, the Data Subject shall have the following rights:

  • a) To know, update and rectify their personal data with respect to Viva as Data Controller or Data Processor. This right may be exercised, among others, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading data, or data whose processing is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized;
  • b) Request proof of the authorization granted to Viva except when expressly exempted as a requirement for the Processing, in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Law 1581 of 2012;
  • c) To be informed by the Data Controller or the Data Processor, upon request, regarding the use made of their personal data;
  • d) To file complaints before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce for violations of the provisions of this law and other regulations that may modify, add or complement it;
  • e) To revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of the data when the principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees are not respected in the processing. The revocation and/or deletion will proceed when the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has determined that the Controller or Processor has engaged in conduct contrary to this law and the Constitution;
  • f) Access free of charge to your personal data that has been the subject of Processing

In order to exercise their rights, the Holder must comply with the provisions of Article 15 of Law 1581 of 2012, by sending their request through the following channels:

  • Street address: Vía el Porvenir 500 metros después de El Tablazo Grande, Rionegro - Antioquia
  • E-mail: tusdatos@vivaair.com  
  • Through the Solutions and Services Center at the following numbers:


  • Medellín: (4) 6044900
  • Barranquilla: (5) 3855555
  • Bogotá: (1) 4897989
  • Cali: (2) 4856666
  • Cartagena: (5) 6937777
  • Pereira: (6) 3401001
  • Bucaramanga: (7) 6973444
Estados Unidos: 8556520600
México: 8002691344

  • Lima: (51-1) 705-01-07
  • Arequipa: (51-54) 640-004
  • Chiclayo: (51-74) 640-002
  • Cusco: (51-84) 640-004
  • Piura: (51-73) 640-003

The opening hours for these telephone lines are: 07:00 am to 10:00 pm (local time Colombia).

Validity and term

Viva keeps the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes will be informed and published in a timely manner on the website www.vivaair.com.  

The last revision made to this Privacy Policy was on July 1, 2021, date from which it is applicable.

Disclosure for legal requirements

We may need to disclose information about you when required to do so by law, subpoena or other legal process or if we have a good faith belief that disclosure is reasonably necessary to (1) investigate, prevent or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities or to assist government enforcement agencies; (2) enforce our agreements with you, (3) investigate and defend against any third party claims or allegations, (4) protect the security or integrity of our Service (such as sharing with companies facing similar threats); or (5) exercise or protect the rights and safety of the Company, our users, personnel or any others. We try to notify our users of lawful claims regarding their personal data, as appropriate in our judgment, unless prohibited by law or court order or when the request is an emergency. We may dispute such claims when we believe, in our discretion, that the requests are overbroad, vague, or lack adequate authority, but we do not promise to challenge every claim.

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Policy, please send us a detailed message to tusdatos@vivaair.come and we will try to resolve all your concerns.

Effective: July 1, 2021

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