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At Viva we change the way you fly.

We were the first Low-Cost airline in the region. We gave millions of people the ability to fly, and fly more! Because at Viva we enjoy enabling you to fly more, paying less.
With our model, we went from being the brand that opened travel opportunities to being the airline that changed the way of flying!

What is the Low-Cost model?

The Low-Cost model focuses on democratizing travel to make it more accessible to everyone, where travelers tailor their trip according to their needs. 
With our ‘Viva Effect’ we offer low prices to our travelers and we lower market rates by up to 40%. But hey! Paying less does not mean receiving less. Our Low-Cost model gives you the option of paying only for the services you really want or need for your trip: 

  • Do you have a long trip? = Add a suitcase up to 20kg in the hold 
  • A weekend getaway? = Include a carry-on up to 12kg that you take with you on the plane
  • Do you want to fly alongside your travel companion? =Choose the seat you like the most 
  • Don't want to wait in long lines checking in at the airports? = Buy Express Line to save time 
  • Do you love to fly with your furry friend? = Travel with your pet 

You see? You adapt each trip according to your tastes and needs.  

We have many more additional services for you! For you to choose more comfort, to save time, to take more or less luggage, you adapt it to your needs!  

The Low-Cost Model


As you already know, the strength of a Low-Cost airline is precisely that: seeking efficiency and optimization to always be able to offer you tickets at low prices.
Therefore, if you know the Low-Cost model well, you can manage your trips yourself, with the possibility of choosing the services you need when you need them.

¿Can you pay low and fly high? Now, that you are clearer about how our model works, you realize that you are here because you can be! VIVA! 
Buy low and fly high. Find your next Low-Cost Viva destination


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