Every good cultural event has three basic pillars; drink, food and music. In Lima you find days dedicated to each of these with people coming together to celebrate the little pleasures in life like Peru’s national drink Pisco, Peruvian delicacies and Criolla music. But do not worry, as with every good celebration the other two elements are also present during each of these events. So, hop on a Viva Air flight and enjoy the cultural festivities Lima has on offer.

National Pisco Day

While cultural holidays tend to celebrate people or key events, there is no better holiday to enjoy what Peru has on offer than the day dedicated to their national drink, Pisco. Though the history of Pisco can be traced back to the 1500s, the National Pisco Day takes place on the fourth Sunday of every July since 1999 when Peru’s National Institute of Culture declared Pisco a part of Peru’s national heritage. In 2019 it falls to 28. July, which is a great opportunity to celebrate another major event, Peru’s Independence Day.

So how is Pisco Day celebrated in Lima? You can expect an amusing experience with tasting stalls, gastronomic fairs, exhibitions explaining the history of Pisco, as well as a lot of dancing and live music to showcase the real spirit of Peru. A real authentic experience is created when Peruvians and visitors celebrate by tasting Pisco flowing from the fountain at Plaza Mayor. If you are visiting with a group of friends or can get a group together in your hostel the National Pisco Day is a great opportunity to get to know Lima’s night life during a pub crawl. Expect many promotions and a lot of Pisco based cocktails during the night.

Mistura Food Festival

Though no date has been confirmed yet one of South America’s largest food festivals is likely to take place in Lima for ten days at the end of August/ beginning of September 2019. Expect tents full of Peru’s best cuisine from traditional dishes to fusion food and modern twists of classic recipes. During the day you will see street vendors, distinguished chefs, producers, restaurants and bars around the area so keep yourself to one rule! Arrive with an empty stomach and an open mind. If your stomach is full and you need a little break visit some of the panel discussions or competitions during the day and celebrate by attending the live concerts on offer during the night.

Criolla Music Day (Día de la Canción Criolla)

We all love Halloween but why not shake things up a bit in 2019? Though Halloween is celebrated in Peru, it is overshadowed by the Criolla Music Day taking place on 31. October since 1944. Criolla music has developed during the colonial period from the fusion of African, Spanish and Andean rhythms and became an important part of Peru’s culture and an outlet of the people’s love for their country, especially along the coastal areas like Lima. Expect the celebration of Criolla to be a bit different from your typical “fiesta”. “Jarana” (celebration of Criolla Music) also includes a lot of dancing, live music and beer, however people’s focus lies on more than simply the alcohol and their surroundings. They celebrate with their soul, enjoy the songs and sing along with celebration often taking place during the day not only the night. Do not worry, you can enjoy the spirit of Peru and Halloween at the same time, as you may see some “caja” (traditional drum like instrument) players dressed up as skeletons, but if you would prefer a more traditional celebration head to one of the peñas and experience the Afro-Peruvian kitchen along criolla music and folklore shows.