“I learned something about the world and about myself” – Anthony Bourdain in his fields notes of his trip to Peru.

Iquitos is not about a big fat burger with fries, nor is it about tacos dripping with a heavy sauce. Iquitos is about new and authentic experiences that lift the senses and enrich the soul. It’s that “oh woah” moment between unfamiliarity and excitement. When it comes to food, sometimes a generic and clean dish is all you need to get you ready for the next adventure.
Are you planning your next journey or Ayahuasca retreat to Iquitos? We’ve got you covered. Discover the 5 amazing food experiences that complement your wellness journey in Iquitos. This list will come in handy when you are in for an adventure or looking to fill your tummy in the middle of the Amazon.

1. Al Frío y Al Fuego

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Al Frío y Al Fuego is the adventure itself. It’s a floating culinary paradise in the middle of the Río Itaya river. The restaurant is only 6 minutes away from the city centre of Iquitos. A boat will escort you from the pier to the two-decked infrastructure free of charge. The restaurant offers a variety of choices, specialising in seafood and grills. The rich colours and distinguished design of the plates will delight your senses. Make sure to bring a fully charged phone to seize some serious Instagram-worthy shots. You will also find a bar with an array of unique regional cocktails. You can also take a dip into the private restaurant pool, or simply tan. The secluded and romantic setting of the Amazon are perfect for an adventure a deux.

Menu suitable for: vegetarians, Ayahuasca dieters.
Have a peak on their website: http://alfrioyalfuego.com/
Address: Av. La Marina 138, Iquitos, Peru
Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5
Google Rating: 4.4
Serves Peruvian and International cuisine
Telephone: (51) 965-607-474

2. Dawn on the Amazon Café

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Dawn on the Amazon’s is a restaurant that offers a simple but solid experience hosted by a local couple. The menu is diverse and offers local and international options. Fast Wifi and purified water at affordable prices are the top differentiating factors. The hosts make a promise to their guest: “Your health is our Top Priority”.

Menu suitable for: vegetarians, Ayahuasca dieters.
Have a peak on their website: http://dawnontheamazoncafe.com/
Address: 185, Malecón Maldonado, Iquitos, Peru
Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5
Google Rating: 4.2
Serves Amazonian, Peruvian and International cuisines,
Telephone: (51) 965-939-190

3. Espresso Bar Cafe Iquitos

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Attention all coffee lovers. Espresso Bar Cafe has a unique local coffee variety. It also has a passionate variety of teas and cocktails. It’s not all about food though. The bar-cafe has a choice of regional dishes and international desserts. The house in which the restaurant is located impersonates the city’s history and culture. Prepare to be inspired by its historic architectural and local painting and photography.

Menu suitable for: vegetarians, Ayahuasca dieters.
Have a peak on their website: http://espressocafe.com.pe/
Address: Jirón Próspero 415, Iquitos 16000, Peru
Google Rating: 4.4
Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5
Serves Amazonian, Peruvian, International cuisine and specialise in coffee
Telephone: (51) 966-734-398

4. La Noche

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This restaurant is situated on the riverside, a perfect spot to chill for a while. The balcony offers a great view of the river to take a few pictures. The food options are diverse, and the choices range from local to international.

Menu suitable for: vegetarians, Ayahuasca dieters.
Have a peak on their website: https://lanocheiquitos.wordpress.com/
Address: Malecón Maldonado, Iquitos, Peru
Google Rating: 4.2
Trip Advisor Rating: 4.0
Serves Amazonian, Peruvian, International cuisines
Telephone: (51) 945-597-737

5. Green Go Organic Farmacy

Their speciality is organic fruit smoothies and juices. The shop also offers superfoods and vegetarian snacks recommended by Shamans, perfect for Ayahuasca dieters. It’s not necessarily a place to go to eat to your fill, but more to extend and complement your Ayahuasca experience. This unique shop sells natural medicinal powders and plants, that are locally made (nothing illegal). Staff are well trained in healing and share interesting insights on meditation. You’d likely end up having a memorable conversation. The shop also has an exclusive Yoga Studio overlooking the Itaya River.

Menu best for: vegetarians, Ayahuasca dieters.

Oops, no website. Have a peak on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pachamamamother/

Address: JR. PUTUMAYO 255 Iquitos, Peru 065232467

Google Rating: 4.8 ratings

Serves Peruvian cuisine and Ayahuasca plants

Telephone: (51) 65-233-086