Casa Profunda Hostel

Price per night Private Room $25 Dorm $10
Casa Profunda key features include an outdoor pool area and a bar which is perfect for meeting other travellers and socialising. There is a shared kitchen and every room comes with a patio leading the pool. It is located 2 minute walk from the seafront. The hostel is very clean and safe. The hostel is decorated in the theme of the Wayuu people and the furniture is made from recycled materials and so is a very eco-friendly hostel.

TripAdvisor: 5.0
Google Rating: 4.9

Pura Guajira Hostel

Price per night: Private Room $22 Dorm $10
Brief Overview: It includes free coffee and laundry. It is located in a friendly and safe community an 11 minute walk from the seafront and a 3 minute walk from the shopping centre. It has a great quality kitchen and there is ensuites from all the rooms. There is a rooftop terrace were you can chill with your friends and the hostels pets. There are hammocks and a book exchange which is also a nice place to chill during the day.

TripAdvisor: 5.0
Google Rating: 4.5

Nina Kite

Price per night: Private Room $22 Dorm $8 – $10
Brief Overview: This is an eco-friendly container hostel on the beach front. It dedicated to people that want to kite surf. It has many partner hostels that you can take advantage of also. It is the perfect place to kick off your adventure around Cabo de la Vela. There are many classifications of sleeping arrangements with the choice of bunk beds and hammocks with also private rooms with a double bed. There is a terrace, kitchen, dining area, air condition, high speed wi-fi and a bar so you can play different board games whilst having a beer. It is located near the bus terminal and taxis are easily got. The beach itself is 50 meters from the hostel and is said to be in the top 10 most sought after beaches in the world according to Kayak.

TripAdvisor: 5.0
Google Rating: 4.4

Happiness Hostel

Price per night: Private Room $30 per night
Brief Overview: This is one of the highest rated hostels in Riohacha. It is located a 10 minute walk from the seafront and a 5 minute walk from the shopping centre. It is in the heart of what Riohacha has to offer, location wise it’s absolutely perfect. The hostel has a bar and lounge area, TV room, garden and terrace so it’s a place to take rest and enjoy Friends Company. The hostel itself is very clean, well decorated, modern and safe. This hostel is very popular so plan your trip in advance if you are booking this hostel also Payment via Bank Transfer is expected before arrival.

TripAdvisor: 5.0
Google Rating: 4.6

Hostel Santa Cecilia

Price per night: Private Room $25 Dorm $8 – $10
Brief Overview: The hostel itself is located just 10 minutes’ walk from the beach in a beautiful location near a range of different transport options such as the bus and taxi services. The neighbourhood is safe and with very economic pricing, it is a bargain for anyone. Santa Cecilia’s team work to personalise the experience as much as possible with plenty of tips and they are always on standby for any help you need. They offer discounts on many discounts for services around Riohacha and also will get you in touch with the right tour guide. The environment is very warm and friendly with a range of add-ons such as Air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and free/private parking. The desk is open 24 hours, there are showers, lounge area, dining area and terrace.

TripAdvisor: 4.0
Google Rating: 4.6

Bona Vida Hostel

Price per night: Private Room $25 Dorm $12
Brief Overview: This is also one of the top rated hostels in Riohacha. It has a terrace, computer lounge, comfortable seating areas, the breakfast is American continental and there is a bicycle rental. This hostel also has a website that is definitely worth checking out. It provides visitors with plenty of must see opportunities around Riohacha. It is located right at the seafront so it doesn’t take long to experience Riohacha’s strip and beautiful beaches.

TripAdvisor: 5.0
Google Rating: 4.6