We will tell you which are the 6 new ideal series to entertain you without leaving your house.


Is a Korean movie, which was ahead of the coronavirus, is trending these days. A city must face a sudden proliferation of a disease that kills its victims 36 hours after being infected.

2.Toy boy

Hugo Beltrán is a young, handsome and carefree stripper. One morning he wakes up on a sailboat, after a night of partying and excesses, next to the burned corpse of a man, who causes him 7 years in a Malaga prison for a crime that he assured, that he did not commit.


The legend of Count Dracula is transformed with new tales that embody the vampire’s bloody crimes and bring his vulnerability to light. A mini series of 3 chapters that show from the ancient to the contemporary earl.

4. Get out

It tells the story of a photographer who must face one of the most complex situations an African American can go through: meeting his girlfriend’s family, from where a series of unusual events break out when he sees that his girlfriend’s family was not what he expected.

5. Pandemic

The 6-chapter documentary series that follows the heroes who fight viruses and warned us over and over that what was going to happen … is happening.