The fun side of Pereira unravels in August, the month when the founding of the city is celebrated. The whole city is decorated, and everyone comes together for the most important day in the city’s calendar. Fun takes the centre stage and everything else is left behind. August in Pereira is truly a party time!

A number of traditional events are held each year including the Rumbera (parade of classic vintage cars), sporting events, craft exhibitions and the Orchids show. While the traditional events occupy the day, parties and music festivals take over in the evening. Popular music bands perform and there is an aura of jollity all through the week. The festival begins in mid-August and goes on until the end of the month.

As the name goes, the harvest festival is also Pereira’s way of celebrating the harvest of rich coffee crops throughout the year and also as a token of gratitude to Mother Earth for her generosity.

The Risaralda Orchid Association Festival

The national flower is the pride of the city and this festival is held to encourage people to buy Orchids and protect its legacy. The Orchid competition has displays from the city and neighbouring regions.

Exposición de orquídeas

The Famous Jeep Parades

The willy jeeps of the region are known for their sturdy build. To drive on these fudgy lands, you need tough machines. These jeeps are functional with many innovatively modified for the parade. While some represent the rich coffee heritage, others represent the crazy night life of the city. All in all, the jeep parade is quite an entertainer.

Un jeep que representa la cultura cafetera de Pereira

The Ornamental Rooster festival

This is the city’s way of appreciating roosters that contribute endlessly to the survival of mankind. Be it their eggs or meat, the culinary world wouldn’t be half as exciting without them. The Ornamental Rooster festival in the city hosts a beauty pageant where the ladies of the region dress up in feathers and colourful outfits. The Pereiran people sure know how to give a subtle twist to a celebration.

Participantes del concurso de belleza