Cúcuta has a historic and vibrant art scene—from sculptures to street art, modern art museums to annual art exhibitions, Cúcuta is a city filled with artists, illustrators, and sculptors. Famous artists from Cúcuta include Salvador Moreno, a painter who lived from 1874 to 1953 known for his painting Carmencita la Sevillana. Another artist, Eduardo Ramírez, from nearby Pamplona, was a sculptor who lived from 1923 to 2004 famous for his sculptures, The Mural of the Bank of Bogotá and Memories of Machu Pichu. His works have been exhibited in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Read where Viva Air will highlight the best art exhibitions, museums, and creators to check out on your next trip to Cúcuta!


Cúcuta offers several impressive sculptures throughout the city including two very notable ones; the bronze statues of General Santander and Jesus of Nazareth. The sculpture of General Santander, a notable patriot leader of Colombia and born just 6 km from Cúcuta, was created by the German sculptor, Carl Bornr, and inaugurated on August 5, 1890 in Parque Santander. The 82-foot-tall Jesus of Nazareth sculpture was inspired by a design of the artist, Trino Ortega, inaugurated in 2017. This sculpture is set on a high hill in the northwest corner of the city in Barrio Antonia Santos with stunning 360-degree views of Cúcuta that are a sight to be seen!


Street Art

Cúcuta’s streets tell a colorful story of the music, culture, and roots of the country thanks to several organizations and events held in the city in recent years. The 8th Edition of the International Graffiti Street Art Festival was held in Cúcuta in August 2018 hosted by AtacARTE Cúcuta. This gathering attracted top street art talent to transform city walls into a unique work of art including, Venezuelan stencil artist, Arlex Campos, who currently resides in Miami, Florida. Other organizations such as Acción Poética, has been bringing young people together since 2014 to fill abandoned walls in Cúcuta with poetry and songs, completing 44 murals since its inception. Make sure to take a walk along the streets of Cúcuta and take in these unique expressions of art and culture!

Arte Callejero de Arlex Campos en Cúcuta: https://www.localguidesconnect.com/t5/General-Discussion/Street-Art-dresses-the-C%C3%BAcuta-city/td-p/1189409

Acción Poética Cúcuta Mural No. 79

Art Museums

In Cúcuta, the main art museum to visit is the Museo de la Memoria, a beautiful contemporary art museum representing the culture of Cúcuta through exhibitions featuring local and regional artists such as Samir Quintero. The museum welcomes visitors offering free admission to allow all to enjoy the art and culture displayed as well as take part in the many lectures, workshops, and discussions that take place at the museum. This museum is an expression of local identity, traditions, ideas, and emotions of the city of Cúcuta through dialogue and art, providing visitors a unique insight into the lives of Cucuteños.

Museo de la Memoria

Calle 10 N° 0E-100 Centro, Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, Colombia
8:30am-12;00pm and 2:30pm-7:00pm
+57 301 6973401


Art Exhibitions

Juntos Aparte, translated as “Together Apart,” is an artistic project that takes place in Cúcuta as part of the greater Bienalsur, the International Contemporary Art Biennial of South America. Juntos Aparte addresses the effects of the ongoing border emergency between Colombia and Venezuela. The intention of the program is to demonstrate a common identity among people of different cultures. The program attracts prestigious international artists, thinkers, historians, lawyers, and experts to discuss the themes of migration, restriction, citizenship, and mobility. The program includes films, lectures, workshops, art exhibitions, concerts, and performances that are free and open to the public. Alex Brahim, director of the Juntos Aparte project, emphasized that “art brings people together and, in a moment, can dissolve those invisible borders.” This year’s program will take place in June and July occupying the most emblematic buildings of the city dedicated to culture: Julio Pérez Ferrero Public Library, Quinta Teresa Cultural Center, Clock Tower Museum House and Museum Centenario Norte de Santander.

Conferencia de Boaventura de Sousa Santos, reconocido profesor y sociólogo, como parte de un ciclo de charlas de Juntos Aparte.

Local Illustrators

If you’re loving all the art that Cúcuta has to offer and want to take a souvenir home with you, be sure to check out El Holandés Volador, a local stationary store that sells beautifully handcrafted notebooks, sketchbooks and diaries with custom artwork made from environmentally friendly materials. The business was initially created in 2012 by two illustrators from Cúcuta; María Fernanda Zapata and Jaime Rodrigo, as a university project around industrial design entrepreneurship and has since grown to a thriving brand that motivates people to write and draw their own story. María Fernanda Zapata describes the inspiration for their illustrations as “inspired by fantasy, to spark the imagination of those who buy a notebook…we want our illustrations to convey magic.”

Instagram @elholandesvolador
+57 3012249171

El Holandés Volador Planner, Instagram @elholandesvolador
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