The trips begin in the mind, with our thoughts, in our dreams, with an image that inspires us, with planning… that is why at this moment the destinations of the world they seem to have a “CLOSED” at their entrance.

But this is no reason why we should stop planning, and finding inspiration for our next trip.

Spending time at home is a great sacrifice for travelers, but, putting your mind to work when planning a trip may be a better antidote.

While destinations and travel await us out there, this is what you can do to quarantine traveling from home.


1. Videos, blogs, series, documentaries and travel movies

Find inspiration in others, their experiences, watch videos of people who were in the places that catch your attention on different platforms, in these you will find very valuable recommendations and information.

2. Travel books

Literature will help you transport yourself to those places, some recommended are:

Travel, Marco Polo

This Venetian merchant and traveler was at the same time a great adventurer and historian who collected adventures in this book. Marco Polo dictated his work to a scribe, Rustichelo de Pisa, who was its true author based on stories from Italian merchants and having only Italian as a fictional character.

The work is divided into four books: the first describes the lands of the Middle East and Central Asia that Marco Polo went through on his trip to China.

The second speaks of China and the court of Kublai Kan. The third describes regions such as: Japan, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, as well as the eastern coast of Africa. And the fourth deals with the wars that the Mongols fought among themselves, and describes some regions such as Russia.

3. Take virtual tours

Art Tour online

Many museums and tourist sites can be visited without leaving home and you may be wondering how? Well yes, and it is online how we can do a 360º tour, we know that it is not the same, but this allows you to imagine the places and get inspired.

Some of the Mexican museums that have this service are the National Museum of San Carlos, Frida Kahlo Museum, or the Palace of Fine Arts. While in the world you can visit the Prado Museum, The Met and the Guggenheim in New York, the Louvre Museum in France or the Vatican Museum in Rome. (Here we leave you a list of them and their links so you can visit them :)

Also amusement parks, zoos and aquariums offer these types of tours, find the perfect one for you.

4. Plan

This moment is perfect for browsing online, watching the videos of your favorite destinations, quoting prices, looking at the hotels where you will be staying and recording all the points of your chosen destination to visit; and so you will be ready for when you travel again.