Helpful Tips

The first tip is to always pack water everywhere you go, the temperatures in Riohacha can be very hot and lead to dehydration if you are not careful also the water that you can purchase on the side of the roads is very expensive. The punctuality of locals is not great, there is a relaxed atmosphere among the locals so don’t worry if requested a service is a little bit off time from the scheduled timetable. There are police and military checkpoints, the police may not have any English but the military will have a bit, have your passport ready, smile and be polite. The beaches are perfect for kite surfing but make sure you check the current of the water as it is quite strong on some places due to severe wind conditions. To get to places truly off the beaten path you will need to hire a car make sure it runs well because the desert land around Riohacha is not the best place to get a breakdown. It’s also good to be aware that internet and cell phone reception is not reliable in many of the places you will travel. When you are going to a nightclub in Riohacha make sure to dress well as many nightclubs have dress codes.

Travel Accessibility

Riohacha Airport which is known as Almirante Padilla Airport is where you will fly into with Viva Air. It is in the centre of Riohacha from here you can rent a car, taxi or colectivo is a South American term for the bus transportation.

The Taxi’s are normally from $3000 – $6000 Colombian Pesos around the city of Riohacha whereas with bus transportation you will look at paying $1500 Colombian Pesos. The main restaurants, bars, historical sites and beautiful beaches are located near the coast and are all in close proximity to each other so much so they are in walking distance. If you want to leave the city for another destination just 1km south and a 5,000 Colombian Peso Taxi drive is ‘Terminale de Transporte’ from here there is a further taxi centre or bus station with a time schedule similar to the table below:

Ciudad Costo Tiempo de viajeFrecuencia
Santa Marta $15,000 pesos2.5 horasCada 30 minutos
Barranquilla $25,000 pesos5 horas Cada 30 minutos
Cartagena $35,000 pesos7 horasCada 30 minutos
Maicao $5,000 pesos1 horas-
Bogotá $90,000 pesos18 horasUna vez al día

Guides & Tours

It might be of interest to obtain a guide, especially if you are going to areas such as wildlife sanctuaries’. There are many guides in the area that specialise in bird watching and can identify over 140 different bird types. There are many different types of tours that you can take advantage in Riohacha many will provide services such as local guides, drivers, hotels, meals and activities.

History Travelers are a company based out of Riohacha and they offer a very reputable service with great reviews. They will specialise in bringing tourists to the local ethnic communities such as the Wayuu tribes.

Kashi Travel are another great tour guide agency, they specialise more in Bird Watching, and this would be great because of all the wildlife sanctuaries around Riohacha.

Alta Guajira Tours is another great to guide based out of Riohacha and over tours around La Guarjira to the major sites, there are many different types of tours you can take and can be seen displayed on their website.