If you have had enough of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and dream of a holiday away from it all, surrounded by the green lushes of the cloud forest and the silver rumble of waterfalls, Tarapoto and its surrounding area is a great choice! With its picturesque landscape, it is the perfect starting point for you to explore the natural. To learn about some of the most fascinating natural attractions around the area follow our Viva Air brief guide:

Ahuashiyacu Waterfalls

Fuente: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g658384-i17228782-Tarapoto_San_Martin_Region.html

Imagine swimming in a beautiful waterfall in the cloud forest region of Peru. The rumbling water of the fall on your back, while colourful birds’ noise fills the air and the smell of orchids and ferns create an unforgettable ambience, as you spend an afternoon with your loved one or friends. Located about 9 miles northwest of Tarapoto, this spectacular 131 feet tall waterfall is sure to take your breath away. With its easily accessible location and well-developed tourist infrastructure, the “singing waters” of the Ahuashiyacu falls is a popular swimming location for locals and tourists alike. But don’t worry, this natural wonder is not yet infiltrated by masses of tourists, allowing you to enjoy your time out, and spend a relaxing afternoon among the lush trees of the forest.

Getting there:
It is easily accessible, so there is no need for a guide to access the waterfall. Just flag down a mototaxi in Tarapoto and arrange a price with the driver. Timewise, make sure to factor in getting there, your required additional waiting time and the trip back. Another, cheaper option is to take a colectivo taxi from the La Banda de Shilcayo taxi rank, although this way you will not have a confirmed way back. If you prefer to go with a guided tour who will arrange this for you, you can book though all Tarapoto travel agents.

Viva Air Tip:
● Make sure to take swimming wear with you so you can!
● Prepare a small picnic to enjoy by the waterfall.

Laguna Azul

If you had enough of walking around and would rather enjoy a calm day by the water, surrounded by palm trees and other beautiful tropical plants why not visit the Laguna Azul? A beautiful lake laying calmly in the middle of the jungle offers a great location to destress and enjoy the surrounding nature. Whether you would like to take a swim, take a boat ride, enjoy the benefits of the Don Grimaldo thermal baths, or just walk around the banks of the lake soaking in the surrounding beauty, Laguna Azul will not disappoint. It is the perfect place for a laid-back daytrip from Tarapoto, however if you have more than 1 day, make sure to take part in some of La Soñada Ecopark’s activities for a unique experience. These include; admiring some of the most beautiful Orchids and butterflies in Peru and learning about the healing plants found in the area.

Getting there:
Most tour offices offer organised trips to this picturesque lake, but traveling to the lake without a guide, is also simple. One way to reach the lake is to take a combi (minibus) to the nearby town of Sauce. This bus can be taken from the bus stop on Marginal Sur cuadra 7 located in the Banda de Shilcayo district east of Tarapoto. The bus journey should take about two hours and cost around $15.

Viva Air Tip:
● If you arrive with small children. Make sure to check out their playground and take part in a chocolate making workshop.

Alto Shilcayo

Fuente: http://www.tourstierraverde.com/en/tours-paquetes-turisticos/trekking-in-the-high-jungle/

Discover nature in the Alto Shilcayo section of the Cordillera Escalera Reserve in the Peruvian Amazonia. Entering the jungle to follow one of the many treks is the perfect opportunity to switch off your phone and immerse yourself in the fragrance and sound of the rainforest, as you dive deeper into this mesmeric area of the jungle. Most tour offices arrange tours of 1 to 3 days, including visits to some of the amazing waterfalls, a climb to the natural Alto Shilcayo viewpoint etc. Some tours even include a night’s stay in the middle of the jungle. For the adventurous the reserve is possible to explore without a guide, although most treks can be difficult to navigate due to the lack of signage. If you insist on going alone/ with your partner, take the shorter Circuito de Aves trail.

Getting there:
Walk from Tarapoto, alternatively hop into a mototaxi. If you decide to walk or drive yourself, head northeast on Alegría Arias de Morey until you reach a T-junction. Turn left opposite La Collpa and follow the dirt road downhill for about 1.55 Mile.

Viva Air Tip:
● The treks can get wet, so make sure to wear appropriate shoes.