If you’ve read some of our other articles on Pereira, you’ve probably already made up your mind to visit this beautiful place in the near future. To assist you further we’ve done our research to help you decide where to stay so, read on for the Viva Air 5 Best B&B’s in Pereira

1. Casa Campestre La Montaña – Bright, Beautiful, Comfortable!

La Montana is located 30 kilometres to the north of Pereira city centre and is right on top of our list, simply because of its neat and classy interior and beautiful French windows that allow you to take in this beautiful location in all its glory. If you’re looking for an option that is far from the noise and traffic and closer to what seems like the heart of nature, this B&B is a made for you.

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Highlights: If you’re lucky, you may just spot a barrel of woolly monkeys. Why not sign up for a gourmet cooking class with Chef Fernando Vélez and put your culinary skills to test! Spend the evening dishing up a fine recipe as you get trained by the master chef who has over 20 years’ experience.

2. Refugio Puente Explanacion Eco-Lodge – Barranquero

At Refugio, wake up to subtle hues of the morning sun and a cup of fresh brew! This place is home to many rare species of fruit and plants and the one thing that sets this place apart is the euphonious sounds of the Barbas river that’s right across the homestay. If you are looking to unwind and reconnect with nature; this is the place for you.

Vista del puente histórico que puedes ver desde el hotel.

Highlights: The History walk with Mr. Pedro Pablo is something you must do if you enjoy exploring the historical treasures of a place. Pedro is an archaeologist with a master’s degree in History and has lived in the region for several years. He has vast knowledge of the region and conducts a 4-hour history walking tour that includes the Museum of Pereira, Quimbaya Institute, Basketry and several other interesting spots around the region.

3. Habitación 3 | Casa2Palmas

Habitación is not too far from the city and yet nestled on a little hilltop. Thus, making it a perfect accommodation for anybody who wants to explore the city during the day and keep away from it at night. With unmatchable reviews on Airbnb and its stunning French style architecture (it also has a Jacuzzi), this is one place that is right at the top of our recommendations. It’s also one of the closest accommodations to Cocora Valley. So, if you are in the mood for a quick hike, the towering beautiful palms await you in the valley.

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Highlights: Take a coffee tour at the Las Acacias coffee farm and learn everything from how coffee moves from the plant to your cup. This is a fun 1-hour tour that will allow you to plant, pluck and brew coffee and give you a sneak-peak into a coffee producer’s day.

4. La estación de Salento

Have an ultimate getaway when you stay at this tiny and rustic homestay on a hilltop in Selanto. With warm ambience, beautiful views and the calming tunes of the Quindio river, this wooden tree house will make this visit, one to remember for a long time. To add to the beauty, the protected forest in which the homestay is located gives you indelible experiences that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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Highlight: Bring out the adventurer in you as you cycle your way through tiny cafes, local restaurants and take in the biodiversity of the zone with Ivan, who conducts Nature and Adventure bike rides in Quindio. This is your opportunity to meet the locals and contribute to the local economy, all the while experiencing the city, in its truest form!

5. Hostal Hacienda Bombay

“Hacienda” in Spanish means “a large living space”. True to its name, this hostel is a spacious property with a quiet, common living area. The hostel is in a gated community offering a secure and clean place to stay. If you appreciate rustic architecture, you are sure to fall in love with this place. There’s a pool table that you can use in your downtime while listening to some all-time hits on the vinyl player, also provided. With delightful greenery blending with the old-world charm, Hacienda Bombay creates a blissful experience for its guests.

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