Pereira is a city with its own charm and a vibe that is undeniably happy and contagious. The Pereiran’s like to work hard and their nights are meant to be lively, groovy and of course, drunk! We have curated a list of unique bars in the city that will help you unwind and party the Pereira style.

1. Bablionia Cafe

Turn the pages of time at this bar-café built during the late 17th century. The place is well kept and almost unchanged since it was first constructed, making it a very historical and classic place to visit while in the city. With the old-world charm of the place, 80s music is a fitting mood setter. You can choose to absorb the place as you sip on coffee or choose to try their magical house special cocktail “1962”. If you want a recommendation, begin with the coffee but end the evening on a high note!

2. Parnaso Café Bar

With occasional live gigs and an open ambiance under a bounteous tree, a summery evening here would be quite a delight. Parnaso is where you go if you want to sit back and have an evening full of great conversations and perfect ambiance. If we had to slide to you a little tip, we’d say avoid all the hustle in the courtyard and walk up to the garden in the backyard. We assure you, the experience won’t disappoint you.

3. Paradise

Paradise is where Pereira comes to party. With chart-topping numbers and best performers lined up every weekend, Paradise stands true to its name. It is a discotheque in the open. So, sway to the riveting beats under the starlit sky in this smoke-free zone.

4. Kafe del Alma

If you could reduce the whole of Pereira into one little place, it’s going to look like Kafe del Alma. Fresh hot chocolate, aromatic coffee or a chilled lager, this place has it all. With live gigs from time to time and creative workshops on poetry, art, and origami, Kafe del Alma is where all the bar innovation begins in the city. Visit the place and tell us what you love the most about it!

5. Rincón Clásico

If classic rock is your thing, the DJ here has been around for the last couple of decades and he knows what to serve his audience best. Pick your favorite tipple, sing along, camouflage in the Colombian party and tango in the coffee axis’ best corner bar. This bar is no place for a reggae lover. And the ambiance is sure take you back in time

Brace yourself as the uber artistic and graffiti-filled walls are sure to blow your mind away at this very unique and trippy nightclub in the city. The DJs groovy music and the common dance floor does all the magic you need for the night. With an open backyard for smokers to socialize and with a regular spread of liquor, it serves the purpose just right. They just want you to party as you mean it.

In Pereira, the nightlife is not shy and its nothing short to ecstasy. Go out and explore these bars and we are sure it’ll redefine everything that a party has ever meant to you. It’s intense, cheerful and high spirited; lo prometon!