The country of Colombia is home to a copious amount of vivid festivals and celebrations throughout the year. This is largely having to do with the vast variety of Colombia’s cultures and rituals. With such a large amount of festivals located in this beautiful Latin America country, it can be hard to decide what time of year you should book your flights for. One major festival that can’t be missed is the Festival de la Luna Verde. Held on the island of San Andres, this lively celebration is one to add to your bucket list. Fly away with Viva Air this September and experience the Sea of Seven Colors and be immersed in the traditions that make up the history of this breathtaking isle.

Festival de la Luna Verde or the Green Moon Festival is celebrated annually on the picturesque island of San Andres. This year the Green Moon Festival will be held from September 6th to the 14th. Originating in 1987, this weeklong celebration is a cultural display of the island’s native people. A week of arts and cultural happenings is at the heart of this traditional event. Visitors will come across the unique characters of the island as its rich history is displayed throughout the week. Guests will be informed of stories revolving around its native people as well as the various customs and traditions that have made the island, what it is today. Not only is this festival filled with the isle’s rich traditions but according to stories, the Green Moon Festival is associated with magic as locals believe that when one makes a wish, it will be granted if they dream of the Green Moon.

The enchanting event begins with a thrilling march through the main roads of San Andres allowing visitors to be immersed in the rhythm of drums and indigenous music. From there one can experience delicious local cuisines such as Rondon which is a soup-based dish consisting of fish, potatoes, and coconut milk. When you aren’t spending your time trying all the tasty native gastronomy, one can listen to various lectures on the music of the island to get a better understanding of its past. During the festival, you should try to catch one of the documentaries shown throughout the week that demonstrate the islands history and culture that have made it what it is today. At night visitors can enjoy the different styles of music known on the isle as performers take to the stage. Don’t forget to watch the traditional dancers as they dance the night away under the stars.