Podcasts have become the mobile audio format of choice among people for information, learning and entertainment, it is a growing trend, as it is increasingly common to see people listen to this type of format.

In the web market there is a wide variety of podcast offers, covering an unimaginable number of varied topics and that can range from current events, entrepreneurship, personal motivation and everything you can imagine.

In these moments where social isolation is a reality, and we must stay at home, we share with you a list of podcasts in Spanish on various topics:

1. Diana Uribe

Colombian historian who after 20 years on the radio launches her own podcast, where she tells stories of culture, cinema, travel and music.

2. Boss Tank: Ser tu propio Jefe

It is a business ally for Latin American entrepreneurs, he speaks about how be able to promote their business ideas through habits, methods and success stories.

3. Liderazgo Hoy


This is an ideal space to talk about the path you need to take to become a better leader. A space for people who believe in leadership as a key tool to help others develop their full potential.

4. Libros para emprendedores

In each episode a useful book for entrepreneurs or for those who want to be one day is summarized. It can be business, marketing, sales, inspiration, motivation, education, personnel management, public speaking, financial management, relationships and networking.

5. TED en español

What is the relationship between love and mathematics? How does an immigrant build his identity? Will artificial intelligence replace us in our jobs? In the TED podcast in Spanish we are invited to ask ourselves these kinds of questions, to listen to provocative ideas and to develop new ways of thinking.