San Andres really is an image of utopia. It’s an ideal location surrounded by nature, vibrant blue water, sandy white beaches, and marine life, all at your fingertips. San Andres is truly a dream destination, a spot that is perfect for a short break away from one’s day to day life. Travel here to discover some of the best beaches and feel a part of everything the island has to offer. Continue reading to uncover Viva Air’s top five things to see and do when you plan your next trip to the breathtaking island.

1. Playa de San Luis


If you are looking for a quiet place, away from the crowds, Playa de San Luis is the place for you. Enjoy the white sand and transparent water that has seven different shades of blue, hence the name “The Sea of Seven Colors”. Playa de San Luis is known to be less busy compared to other beaches on the island, allowing you to refocus, soak in the beauty that surrounds you, and leave you feeling recharged between activities.

2. Snorkeling and Diving


Want to swim among the fishes? One of the most alluring parts of San Andres is the beauty of its water and marine life. With waters filled with vibrant coral and aquatic life, such as turtles, stingrays, and tropical fish, San Andres is the ideal destination for snorkeling or diving. These underwater activities make you feel as though you are a part of the crystal-clear waters and the beauty that is, the island of San Andres. The majority of dive operators offer introductory classes for beginners, that allows you to do a basic dive without needing to be certified. You don’t even need to worry about a wetsuit as the water is nice a warm.

3. Rent a Bike or a Golf Cart


Renting bikes or a golf cart, is a great way to explore the island and see all the amazing sites it has to offer, at your own leisure. It also gives visitors the opportunity to witness the beauty of the San Andres coastline, while avoiding the more commercial tours. This is a fantastic way to start off your trip, so you can get a better feel for the island and all that it has to offer. Cycling is a great way to get around the island. The roads are in good condition, there aren’t too many hills and traffic is light, so you won’t have to worry about competing with others on the road.

4. Parasailing


Make the most of your holiday in the sun by enjoying a remarkable parasail flight. Experience a view from above the sea of seven colors and all the beauty that surrounds the island. A once in a lifetime activity that truly goes beyond expectations. If you are looking for WOW factor while on holiday, this activity is for you. Be sure to book at least a day in advance to ensure you get to experience not only the view, but all the fun and adventure this activity has to offer.

5. The Peak Forestry Reserve

This is a must during your stay on the island. When you are ready to take a break from the beaches and are in the mood to be at one with nature, head to the Peak Forestry Reserve. Make sure you pack your sneakers, because this hike has sights that are not to be missed. With 360-degree views of the Island, this is a great spot to meditate and take in the beauty of the world around you. There is also the option to hire local guides, who will share their knowledge on the history, plants, and creatures of the island! If you are looking for an ecotourism spot away from the hustle and bustle of home, this is the perfect place to spend a day exploring.