2 days in the city and 2 days exploring the greater region

If you are looking to switch off and relax for a few days, but also explore breathtaking landscapes and sights in Chiclayo and the Lambayeque region, then keep reading. This is the Viva Air ultimate guide to help plan your stay in Chiclayo and how best to plan your visit to the wider Lambayeque Region.

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Day One

Once you arrive at the airport, and depart your VivaAir flight, there is a Hertz rent-a-car area in the terminal of the airport where you can rent a car for approximately $45 per day. The Centre of Chiclayo is located a short drive for the airport. In under 2km, you will be driving into the middle of Chiclayo’s city centre. Hotels in Chiclayo generally offer free parking for guests. If you are reading this and do not know quite where to stay, please see our top-rated hotels in Chiclayo.

Once you get to the hotel and get settled in, here are the three activities that you should explore on your first day.

1. Principle Park

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This is the middle of Chiclayo’s city centre this park is a vibrant square where locals go to sit on park benches and watch the world pass and soak up the atmosphere of Peru’s fourth- largest city. From Principle Park, you can explore anywhere in the city within walking distance but situated in La Plaza Principle is the cathedral. This historical point is the perfect place to start off your first day.

2. Las Musas


After exploring Principle Park in Chiclayo, take a 20-minute walk to Las Musas. This place is a great area to casually walk around, and share with your partner, friends or family as it is a quiet place that allows relaxing walks.

3. Eating

For lunch: try a traditional Peruvian dish in Trebol Café and Restaurant. This café is central and a great place to grab a coffee, as well as serving great seafood and for dinner, Café 900 is a great way to end the day.

Day 2:

Now that you have your bearings on the city and have experienced two landmark attractions, the second day will be involving even more activity. This is the day when you get to experience the real uniqueness of being a local and exploring what markets and other points of interest the city has to offer.

1. Markets


The Mercado Modelo market which spans over several blocks in Chiclayo is where the locals go to get their supplies like food, herbs and other general-purpose items. The other market that is essential to explore to get a real feeling of locality is the Witches’ Market, which is a market where people go to buy whale bones, snake skins, or aromatic herbs for example. This experience will help you understand the living and shopping culture locals have at markets.

2. Paseo Ecológico Yortuque


Those who walk along here can expect to see 53 sculptures telling the story of how the Lambayeque region and Chiclayo came to exist. The walk provides in-depth information along the way of the history of Chiclayo and the Lambayeque region meaning it is important to stop here and learn the history. The good thing about this walk is that there is no charge or admission fee.

3. Eating

Lunch: Tostao café Pasteleria offers some of the best coffee Chiclayo has to offer as well as reasonably priced lunch dishes

Dinner: La Fabrique is a good gastro-style pub to grab dinner in and not have to break-the- bank to eat well on your second night in Chiclayo. With low- medium prices, this place offers good food with a range of Peruvian beer on offer, perfect for those of you who want to share your taste for hipster beers with your friends and/ or loved ones.

Day 3

Today is the day to depart Chiclayo by rental car. Chiclayo is a great place of course but used as a base to explore the wider Lambayeque Region. It is the best way to see the magnificent surrounding landscapes. The third day in Chiclayo will see you leave the city and explore the wider region, staying in the accommodation outside Chiclayo.

Batan Grande

The area is situated around 30km north-east of Chiclayo and is where the pre-Inca temples stand enclosed by the Pomac Forrest. Sican as it is also known as, is a large archaeological site that is home to over 50 pyramids. It offers stunning views and scenery, to connect with the natural surroundings. The whole area was built by the Sican people. The village of Ferrenafe is also located just a few kilometres away and is where the museum housing all the historical artefacts of the Sican people. A great place to see to experience the historical culture of the area and its former inhabitants.

Day 4

The next cultural experience to have in the Lambayeque region is the Lord of Sipan tomb. A great way to learn about the ancient Moche Culture that once existed in Northern Peru. The best way to experience this is by enrolling for a day tour though a local tour operator, with tickets costing around $50 for the six-hour tour. The tour normally covers the whole area of Sipan, the tombs and all the relics they worshiped. If you decide to enrol in this day tour, you will not be disappointed. It is excellent value for money as it gives the greatest in-depth look at the Moche culture.

Viva Round-Up

Having this has your four-day plan to get around and experience the Lambayeque region and the city of Chiclayo will ensure that you see all the major points of interests. You will be able to switch off and immerse yourself in the culture at the same time. Following this plan will make sure that you and your partner and/or friends will have memories to cherish for the rest of your life. While there may not be a lot of hidden gems in this four-day plan, you can expect a great localised experience.