This small picturesque island is the image of nirvana, combining history, culture, and breathtaking beaches with transparent water and pearly white shores. However, scenic shores are not the only thing this small island offers its visitors. Take a trip to this idyllic oasis and experience the rich cultural scene present on the isle. From its diverse museums and innate architecture, immerse yourself in everything this small Colombian island has to offer. Continue reading to uncover Viva Air’s recommendations regarding the top cultural experiences in San Andres.

Botanical Gardens San Andres

The Botanical Garden of San Andres is an oasis of tranquility and beauty. A leading space for research and environmental education, the gardens are run by the National University of Colombia and are located in the area known as Harmony Hall Hill. Here you have the opportunity to participate in a free guided tour and observe prehistoric florae as well as some of the most sophisticated plant life that has resided in this region. The exquisite gardens include 8 hectares with trails where visitors can see over 400 plant species. Spend some time adventuring to the lookout point where you will find spectacular 360-degree views of the island’s forestry as well as the spectacular sea of seven colors. This is a must for individuals who enjoy connecting with nature, expanding their minds, and those who desire to get off the beaten path.

The First Baptist Church

Take a dive into history by paying a visit to Primera Iglesia Bautista. Located on top of a hill in the village of La Loma, this is a must see when traveling to the island. Afterwards, you can climb the spiral staircase to a viewpoint where you can experience a panoramic view of the island’s landscape and sea of seven colors.

House Museum of San Andres

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, sits this unique museum known by locals as Casa Museo Isleña. Stop in and learn all about the island’s history, arts, gastronomy, and native architecture. Walk through this restored family home and be immersed in the life of the isle’s first inhabitants. A knowledgeable personal guide gives visitors insight into the early history of San Andres and its traditions, leaving guests with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to this exquisite island. Once the tour is complete visitors are given the opportunity to participate in a traditional dance class. This museum is guaranteed to be enjoyed by the culturally curious and beloved by those in search of a once in a lifetime experience. Although relatively short, a trip to San Andres is not complete without stopping off here.

Morgan’s Cave

For those looking for adventure and long to experience something out of the ordinary, venture to Morgan’s Cave. Legend has it that this is where the famous pirate Henry Morgan hid his treasure. Explore this legendary cave where local guides tell tales of pirates that used to roam the shores and share stories of this beautiful island’s history.

This spot is made up of five attractions including a pirate museum, pirate ship, coconut museum, an art gallery, and the cave itself, making it the ideal place to spend a day on the island.

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