There are lots of relaxing outdoor activities and places to visit in Bogota El Norte. Below are just some of the top things recommended to do on your trip to Bogota.

1. Parque Mirador de los Nevados


The northern areas of Bogota have a number of parks that are open to the public to visit. If you want somewhere quiet to destress and spend quality time with your family and loved ones visit Parque Mirador de los Nevados. Not only is it beautiful and a once in a life-time experience, the park offers you peace and quiet. If you are a morning person, the park is open from 6 am perfect for a morning walk or run and if you want a quiet stroll in the afternoon the park stays open until 5 pm. Relaxing activities that you can take part in include bird watching, the park is inhabited by a variety of birds. If you have kids, there is also a playground where the children can play while you sit on the benches provided and enjoy the beautiful view of trees and flowers.
Location: Parque Mirador de los Nevados # 145-, Cra. 87 # 13350, Bogotá, Colombia

2. Multiparque Amusement Park

Another place worth going while you are in the north of Bogota is the Multiparque amusement park, which is fun for families with children.


The amusement park has a farm with animals, restaurants, shops and rides for children to go on. The Multiparque amusement park also has a website that you can review before coming that features a map, a list of activities that the whole family can enjoy and a contact number for any further questions.
Location: The Multiparque amusement park is located in # 224-60 Bogotá Colombia.

3. Osolandia

Osolandia is another amusement park that would be perfect for families with children, the park focuses on educating children about looking after the environment with the use of fun activities and teddy bears. Fun Fact – the park has over 800 teddy bears!
Location: Osolandia is located in the cra 7 No. 235- 20.

4. Salitre Mágico


Salitre Mágico is a theme park that the whole family can go to, it is the ideal place to have fun with the whole family especially younger children. The park offers a range of rides for younger children and adults can also enjoy the rides. The theme park also offers parking, and fun rides such as flying chairs, and trains. It has an eating area when you want to have a break and recharge before heading back to the excitement.
Location: Salitre Mágico is located in # 60 Avenida Calle 63 # 80, Bogotá, Colombia.

5. La Conejera

The La Conejera is also a great place to visit with a loved one, you can find the Margarita de pantano, a rare daisy flower. This place is ideal for bird watching and immersing yourself with nature. There are a range of different animals from squirrels to Canadian ducks. This wetland is perfect for walks where you can enjoy the beautiful views. The wetland is great for people of all ages that want to enjoy themselves and want peace and quiet. If you want to connect with nature and hear the sound of birds chirping as you stroll through the wetlands, the La Conejera is perfect.
Location: The La Conejera is located in Carrera 136 D No. 153 – 14.

6. Reserve Thomas Van der Hammen

The Reserve Thomas Van der Hammen is another perfect place for the whole family to enjoy, there is plenty of walking space with the park having 1500 hectares of land. The reserve gives you the perfect opportunity to be in close proximity to endangered bird species, it has 181 bird species, and is ideal for bird watching. There are also a variety of bat and butterfly species that will help you get closer to nature.
Location: Reserve Thomas Van der Hammen is located in Calle 171 S/N, Suba, Bogotá, Colombia.