You are planning your trip to Lima or have already arrived and you’ve only one thing on your mind, where should I eat in the gastronomic capital of Latin America? We at Viva Air know that this is not an easy decision, not because of the lack of options but the exact opposite. Lima is filled with delicious food everywhere you go. From street food to fine dining, from authentic Peruvian to fusion food, there is something for everyone’s taste. Yes, even for those who follow certain diets. With this in mind we did a little digging to provide you with some of the vegetarian and vegan friendly options, as well as some restaurants for pescatarians, Lima is a coastal city after all.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

As you can see on the map, most of the restaurants focused on serving vegetarian and vegan meals are located in the Miraflores area. Though you may find one or two meals in other areas like the Historic Centre, if you are looking for a colourful vegetarian or vegan menu we suggest you dine in Miraflores.


This vegetarian and vegan friendly Asian fusion street food restaurant near the Kennedy Park offers a wide choice of bao, falafel and rice bowls among other tasty options. Great choice for a fast lunch with reasonable prices, friendly staff and delicious homemade iced tea.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.5

Veda Restaurante

For an interesting vegan spin on classic Peruvian food like Ceviche (with mango or mushroom instead of fish) visit Veda Restaurante. You can expect vegan and 100% sugar and gluten free meals, a pleasant ambience with a nice terrace and an excellent, friendly team for your service.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.5

La Postreria Café

For breakfast or lunch visit this casual, pet friendly café with a great atmosphere and some delicious food, drinks and dessert. La Postreria provides great vegetarian choices, as well as seafood options.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.5

El Jardin De Jazmin

This all vegan café style restaurant is a real treat in Lima with some unique adaptations of Peruvian dishes like Ceviche, as well as dishes unique to the restaurant. Though there is no English menu the staff is very helpful when ordering. The vegan chocolate cake is especially praised, so give it a try if you visit El Jardin De Jazmin.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.0

Matria Restaurante

Matria offers a modern menu with primarily organic ingredients and vegetarian, vegan, lactose and/or gluten free options. Expect a modern but rustic interior with a warm, inviting ambience. Though a bit higher on price point this fine dining experience should not be missed.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.5

Pescatarian Options

Though not many specifically vegetarian or vegan options are found in and around the Historic Centre, Pescatarians have more luck with some great seafood options in the area.

La Paila Marina Del Centro Historico

For a delicious, affordable seafood lunch in the city center visit the La Paila Marina. It is a small seafood restaurant with local guests eating on the terrace. Though the menus are in Spanish the waiters are helpful and the pictures also speak for themselves.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.5

Embarcadero 41

Though this restaurant has mixed reviews, their ceviche is highly praised, and their lovely service promoted. Embarcadero 41 offers an extensive menu with many seafood options despite the lack of vegetarian ones.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.0

El Mirador de Chabuca

This restaurant is often filled with locals which is testament of its excellence. It is in very close proximity to the Plaza de Armas but is just outside the touristy circle therefore it is very affordable. Excellent view, friendly staff and great ceviche. What else would you want?

TripAdvisor Rating 4.5

Peru Gourmet Restaurante Bar

If you are looking for a meal near the Plaza de Armas with great service and large portions look no further. Peru Gourmet Restaurante Bar offers Cajun and Creole cuisine with seafood and vegetarian options. Though due to its location this restaurant may be a bit pricier than the norm in Peru, the higher price is definitely compensated by the delicious meals on offer.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.0

Costazul Seafood

Back in Miraflores, this seafood restaurant with vegetarian and gluten free options offers meals cooked with the freshest ingredients and the goal to showcase the warm personality of Peruvians and to provide the best Peruvian seafood culinary experience. Expect simple interior but delicious food and excellent service.

TripAdvisor Rating 4.5